Pushing the button

After a few days with my ear to the Twitters for any sign of danger, I pushed the button and upgraded to Mavericks.
MacWorld has a very thorough, common-sense approach to prepping for your upgrade that’s worth a read.

There’s also the Murphy General Rule of Upgrades:  Before making changes to any system (whether it be an iMac or a business process), prepare for it to fail in spectacularly unpredictable and horrible fashion.  Plan accordingly.

Here’s what this Murphy did to stave off the chaos while upgrading:

* Checked on Mavericks compatibility for all the apps that I really cared about and upgraded them as necessary. Quite a few updates had already quietly arrived during the weeks leading up to Apple’s announcement.

* Double-checked that I wasn’t doing anything fancy with Gmail

* Temporarily stopped doing other fancy things – even though they were already Mavericks compatible – including disabling TotalFinder, Bartender, and iStat Menus

* Made a fresh bootable total backup of my system using SuperDuper

* Double-checked that nothing crazy had happened with ReadyNAS connectivity in Mavericks – a particular pain-point in previous OSX upgrades

* Turned off Appletalk on my NAS and replaced it with CIFS, moved all my file-shares over accordingly; this resulted in iTunes having to rescan my media library which took longer than the upgrade itself

Roughly 20 minutes after clicking the install button, my upgrade was complete. Immediately afterwards, I had only two extremely minor configuration issues:

1.) I had to re-grant Textexpander its Accessibility permissions
2.) the Java runtime needed to be reinstalled for Crashplan

Otherwise, it’s been rock-solid and just as nice as you’d imagine.

UPDATE 10/30:  Ok.  Using Gmail in Mail is actually a bit wonky.